CSS only gradient button

The Button

As usual I was working on a project and had to put together a cool little button. The button had a gradient with a hard stop and was angled. See the button in action in the pen below.

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A CSS only responsive content accordion

I was working on a project recently and along with a bunch of other cool things, it required a content accordion. Specifically it needed to have 4 different boxes for content that started out as equal widths and when a user hovered over a given box it would expand that box while collapsing the others. Oh, it also had to be responsive. Make sense? Pretty standard stuff here.

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Quick Tip: Migrating Ghost to a new server and can’t upload images

Migrating Ghost to a new server is fairly straight forward, and when I needed to move this site to a new server it was all pretty easy to do. However, when I went to write a post and upload an image I ran into an issue. Every time I would try to upload an image the Ghost editor would tell me something went wrong and then ghost would stop running on the server.

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